MY LUCAS –Data Collection & GPS Tracking Software

MY LUCAS is an app designed by Land Data Ltd that allows users to easily collect and record information gathered as part of the LUCAS 2018 campaign. The app is compatible with mobile devices running the Android operating system (version 4.4.2 and above) which are also equipped with GPS and digital camera capabilities.

My LUCAS On Line Data Collection Software with digital field forms

The tablet has been used in Italy and Greece with very good results, during the 2015 campaign. It has matured. To day, we are  building on this strength the On-Line module for Data Collection. It’s capabilities include:

  • Continued GPS track recording and data management.
  • Error detection during the measurement process. The errors are corrected on the spot, right when and where they happen.
  • Input format identical to that of the conventional field form document.
  • Fast, comfortable photo session. The monitor displays the point number, all coded  photos  taken, the remaining ones, their quantities, last campaign’s photos, the compass and the ready to photo sign, all these without taking your eyes away from the tablet eye viewer.
  • Setting as default values the values of the previous campaign.
  • Error detection due to non compatible fields
  • Easy access to all functions from the main menu.
  • Fast data transmission to DMT.

This data collection software provides the user with the tools needed to quickly and efficiently register and manage LUCAS points. The app organizes the LUCAS points and offers improved quality control checks as part of the LUCAS 2018 campaign. So as not to waste time by making repeat visits to a particular point, MY LUCAS performs thorough quality control checks of all measurements at each recorded point. All the survey information is entered and stored electronically into the tablet using the digital field form document and then it is easily managed on the app, or transferred into the DMT at the end of the day. Recording and keeping notes on paper field documents is over, saving the surveyor valuable time. Furthermore, the user can be confident in the accuracy of its output and successful completion of the survey. The results can also be compared against those recorded from previous years using an additional app, Cut GPX.

My LUCAS Crucial Functions

MY LUCAS is specially developed for drivers who are on the road on daily basis  collecting LUCAS  points, and tourists who need the GPS route preparation and interface with a Navigator.

These are the crucial functions of MY LUCAS – the field data collection  software:

  • GPS route preparation.
  • On-line data collection using the field form documents.
  • Automatic display of images.
  • Accurate, quick, comfortable camera use.
  • Interface with MapFactor Navigator.
  • Fast info transfer to other systems (DMT).
  • Computation of range and area values for the plot locations.
  • Quality checks of all work carried out, before leaving a determined point, to avoid pricey several check outs to determined points.
  • Store the collected tracks daily, according to the requirements.
  • Download online information, (geo referenced map and images), from Google maps.

How It Works

To be more user-friendly, MY LUCAS can be run both online and offline. When online, the app links in with Google maps and will allow the user to download data in the form of geo-referenced maps and images to be stored for future offline use. When offline, the app can superimpose the GPS tracks of the desired LUCAS points on OpenStreetMap or photomaps. The program also provides a fast information transfer service to other programs, such as the Data Management Tool.

Route Planning

One of the advantages of MY LUCAS is the integration of the GPS tracking, camera and compass features into the app. It allows the user to have greater control over route planning when surveying the LUCAS points. The app can save, display and manage the location of individual points by using GPS tracking and suggest the best routes to follow when surveying multiple points. The user can also search for alternate routes which may improve performance and coordinate their working hours more effectively by using the app to prepare for work in advance.

A list of LUCAS points is available on the waypoint menu within the app and can be managed by the user to identify any point surveyed and any changes to it that occur.

Electronic camera usage

When a photographic record of the LUCAS points is made as part of the survey, each picture is automatically registered and geo-referenced by the app. As the image is taken, the corresponding photograph from the 2015 LUCAS campaign is simultaneously displayed on the camera viewer to prevent any potential inaccuracies. Once stored, the photos are also shown on the GPS tracks of the LUCAS points as visual markers. They also serve as measurements of distance and as environmental signposts to assist in navigation to the chosen point. MY LUCAS processes the required photographic elements quickly to ensure the time taken at each point to collect data is minimized as much as possible.

My LUCAS – the Best Field Data Collector

MY LUCAS will make the undertaking of the LUCAS 2018 campaign a quicker, more efficient, more accurate and streamlined process. It is an indispensable app for surveyors involved in the campaign and for analyzing the statistical data collected from the points. The integration of modern mapping techniques enables the user to have a methodical and precise approach when gathering data which is then electronically stored and easily managed on the app. The program already has a successful track record from use in the 2015 campaign in Greece and Italy, and has the capacity to build on these results in the future.

My LUCAS – References

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