MY GPS TRACKS RECORDER and Photo Manager application is running on tablet* with built-in GPS, camera and ANDROID operating system, and creates a multi-tool, which can do the following:

  • Display supporting satellites, and record GPS tracks. Data collection, and editing in polygon, line, point and text format, (DXF interface).
  • Take geo-referenced photos with tagged messages, display and delete photos, photo markers and edit tagged messages.
  • Manage all collected GPS tracks and associated maps and photographs.
  • Display image files (ortho, 1:50000, 1:5000) with Mbtiles format for fast zoom and pan. The image files are processed in advance using program Cut Map Tiles, Land Data’s Mbtiles format generator [1]. The result is generation of tiles size (256 X 256) pixels, facilitating fast zoom and pan of mobile devices.
  • Collect data with tapping, and tagging of comments.
  • Use Mapsforge road maps, for offline navigation.
  •  GPS tracks recording in SERVICE mode (combined with geo-coded and oriented photos) and uploading to internet, Google maps ***, Autocad.
  • Online data: geo-referenced maps, images from Google Maps, and Web Map Service (WMS). The program will download, process, and store the data for future use.
  • Offline: The program will use Mapsforge and previously stored online data via Mbtiles format.
  • Download and upload data in GPX, KML, and Facebook.

The application runs in an industry standard tablet (ANDROID** ver. 4.1.2)


If you are a hiker, trekker, or your profession includes working in the field, then camera and GPS are indispensable equipment to you. Therefore, it is possible you are in the market to replace or even buy this equipment for the first time. In this instance, what really matters is the previous experience to use these tools, and the last developments in the markets. From there, the news is exciting for mobile devices, tablets, and smart phones. Many equipment manufacturers are producing tablets* with built in GPS of the same if not better quality than stand-alone GPS units. These units have also cameras with high resolution. The new tablets can take  quality  geo referenced photographs with little training of the operator. However, the built in GPS and camera units need the development of an application to offer reliable usage, and manage the collected data.


The increasing popularity of the mobile devices, their relative low cost and simple use, attracted the attention of many software developers. As a result, LAND DATA Ltd among others has developed GPS TRACKS RECORDER for tablets and smart phones. Specs at a glance lists their characteristics

The software will record your GPS tracks in service mode, so you can use the tablet for other things. It will display these tracks on layers of Google maps, or street maps of your area. It will also enable you to take geo-referenced photographs, sort them, group them in categories, and present them in lists. In addition, the program will show their position on the tracks and map, and let you tag comments and text on them.

The program tabulates the tracks and photographs associated with, their attributes (distance, number of photos) and enables you to administer them by uploading, downloading, ship them with email, or transform them to various format.

In addition, the tablet has the ability to download online data, (geo-referenced maps and images) from Google maps and Web Map Service (WMS). These data can be processed, and stored for further Offline use, using mbtiles format, together with Mapsforge.

The image files are pre processed using program Cut Map Tiles, Land Data’s Mbtiles format generator. The Offline use of the tablet is attractive when poor telephone coverage due terrain conditions and equipment availability make the Online use difficult.



The tablet* is equipped with data collection software, by tapping the points of interest and bypassing the use of the cursor to expedite the field trips. This generates polygons/lines/points tagged onto features with comments. You can   display these features with colors of your choice, and you can edit or delete them.

To use the tablet effectively for data collection or verification-validation you must utilize a layer of Google or street maps in order to locate or identify your lines on the ground. Thus,  you are using the displayed Image rather than the positional capacity  of the tablet’s GPS unit, which cannot compete against the high accuracy GPS units.  Therefore, your positional accuracy depends on the resolution of your image, and particularly on the pixel size.

GPS TRACKS RECORDER enables the user to download and upload the vector data and photographs in GPX, KML, and Facebook, and translate them in DXF format.



The map validation and field checks are done effectively and economically with transferring from the office all the necessary vectors – points – text with their colors, into the tablet and subsequently on to the field. There, editing (addition/deletion) of selected features is taking place.

As a result, you have in the field all your office project data in their original colors, in a small, hand held light unit, This, makes the tablet ideal for this kind of work. Add to that, the ease of operation, large memories, and fast processors and you have the answer to the tablet’s rising popularity.



The accuracy of measurements, collection of new data and controls, depends on the accuracy of the raster file and the pixel size. Here the position of a point is given by the position of the pixel in the raster file, rather than the measurement of GPS. Thus, if the pixel size is 10 cm, then the accuracy of the new information introduced by the raster file is 10 cm, if you identify the detail clearly.  Therefore, your tablet is as good as the accuracy and the pixel size of your raster file.


Industry standard tablet* (ANDROID ** version 4.1.2 and above), with at least 16 GB memory, and equipped with GPS, camera and (optional) 3G sensors.

[1] The image files are pre processed using program Cut Map Tiles, Land Data’s Mbtiles format generator. https://www.landdata.gr/cut-map-tiles-product-brief/

MY GPS is the best tool in the market.


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