COMPUTER APPLICATIONS in Agriculture and Surveys.


This Computer Application in Agriculture and Surveys is a software package that when it is installed in the appropriate tablet* allows users to activate the built-in GPS devices and camera to collect data for the LUCAS campaign 2018. These data include the GPS tracks, with the relevant geo-referenced photos, comments attached to them, the waypoints, related imagettes corresponding to each path separately.

They also include all the qualitative and quantitative inspections carried out after the end of measurement and before leaving each point.

NEW. LAND DATA announced plans to upgrade its application MY LUCAS 2015. The new revision will include ON LINE data collection using field documents. This will make the undertaking of the LUCAS 2018 campaign a quicker, more efficient, more accurate and streamlined process. MY LUCAS already has a successful record of accomplishment from use in the 2015 campaign in Greece and Italy, and has the capacity to build on these results in the future. The LUCAS campaign is the acronym of Land Use and Cover Area frame Survey and takes place in all EU countries usually every three years.

For more read MY LUCAS Product Brief

Computer application CUT GPX is running in a PC  cleans and classifies GPS trails of the 2015 campaign for each one of the LUCAS point. It translates them to DXF to facilitate easier navigation and route planning with a CAD system for the LUCAS 2018 campaign. You can also, display the resulting files with ANDROID based tablets for each LUCAS point. For more information read CUT GPX Product Brief

FARMER’S DIARY is a PC based application that is dealing with the cultivation of agricultural products. Particularly, the activity of agricultural producers under the domain of Integrated Crop  Management. The program helps the user to import and manage all information related to the agricultural activity exhibited by farm  producers. For more read Farmers Diary Product Brief

My FOREST is a program running in tablets with ANDROID operating systems. It is effective and useful tool for map validation, field checks, corrections, and field data collection (polygons, lines, points, text, DXF interface) in forestry applications. For more information read MY FOREST Product Brief

MY GPS and Map Manager. This application is running in tablet* with built-in GPS, camera, and creates a multi-tool, with the following capabilities:

Displaying and recording GPS tracks in ‘SERVICE’ mode, as well as online, and offline.

Collects field data in the form of polygons, lines, points, and text. You can use this data for map validation and field checks. (Vector data for forestry, and topographic applications, DXF interface.)

Takes and manages geo-referenced pictures with tagged messages, which indicate the location of the exposure in the GPS tracks.

You can do map validation and field checks effectively and economically by transferring from the office all the necessary vectors – points – text with their colors, into the tablet and subsequently on to the field. There, editing (addition/deletion) of selected features is taking place. For more information read MY GPS AND MAP MANAGER Product Brief

Program application CUT MAP TILES runs in a PC and cuts raster image files and photomaps in tiles with size 256 X 256 pixels. The tiles are responding extremely fast in zoom and pan operations in tablets and smart phones, with large size files. The program runs in a PC with WINDOWS operating systems 7, 8, and 10.

These tiles may be stored in various forms, including the mbtiles form. This is a format for storing images in a SQLite database using the image name with the mbtiles suffix. The file is moved from the PC to the tablet or smart phone, and it responds to the user zoom and pan commands with increased speed. For more information read CUT MAP TILES


Each computer program carries a warranty for a full year, during which the user is fully supported and receives all the updates free. Support includes users guide, mail, SKYPE, chat, and telephone communication.


The software is available for online sale according to the displayed Terms and Conditions, which every future to be software user should read and agree before every transaction.


LAND DATA Ltd will never ask from a customer and keep any kind of financial information in case a transaction takes place. The company will store in a safe place only the information that is necessary for the transaction and for supplying any future updates of the purchased software when applicable, (Users name, address, mail). Any customer, user, or account holder with LAND DATA Ltd can request to have his personal information removed from the users list. The Privacy Policy may change, so it is good practice for a future user to read it before a purchase.

Over the years, we have developed software for a wide variety of projects, such as:

  • Scanning aerial photos and triangulating large blocks of several hundred models/plates simultaneously with automatic blunder detection.
  • Production of ortho photos from satellite images, subsequent digitizing and   photo interpretation for land parcel information system database generation for the Department of Agriculture.
  • Land cover area frame statistical surveys for EUROSTAT.
  • Controls with remote sensing for arable ands, taking land cover samples, and using classification techniques with satellite images, for JRC and the Department of Agriculture.
  • Compiling forestry maps with stereoscopic interpretation and using suitable software to categorize, synthesize and handle the various polygons supported by field checks and verification, for the Cadastral Agency EKXA AE.

Our company has a long history of innovative programming and is credited with some firsts in the industry:

  • Online orientation procedures and measurements for aerial triangulation with analogue stereo plotters in 1978, (ORIENT).
  • Aerial triangulation adjustments of large blocks up to 2500 models with small machines (PCs), 1982, (PHASMA – M).
  • Online data collection and editing for digital mapping with analogue stereo plotters in 1988, (VMAP).
  • Classification of arable lands using SPOT and LANDSAT in 1992, (VSAT).

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