My Forest is a computer program running in tablets with ANDROID operating systems. It is effective in map validation – editing and field data collection for Forestry Applications for the following reasons:

  • It is projecting multiple vector data (shape files, DXF format).
  • It is displaying multiple raster files (i.e. photomaps of the same location in different years, or combining photomaps and vector lines).
  • It offers On/Off continuous displays of multiple photomaps and vectors (different dates) data sets.
  • You can use it for on/offline navigation with layers of the industry leaders OpenStreetMap.
  • It performs fast zoom and pan operations of raster images with mbtiles format.
  • It records GPS tracks in ‘SERVICE’ mode, as well as online, and offline.
  • Collects field data in the form of polygons, lines, points, and text. You can use this data for map validation and field checks. (Vector data for forestry, and topographic applications, DXF interface.)
  • It takes and manages geo-referenced pictures with tagged messages, which indicate the location of the exposure in the GPS tracks.
  •  It will upload and download to Facebook, Internet, Google Maps**, and Autocad.
  • Field check trip, index creation and track viewing.
  • Input data for online use: geo referenced maps and images from Google Maps**, and Web Map Service (WMS). You can download, use, process and store the data for future use.
  • It is collecting data (polygons, lines, points, text), with tapping and comment tagging.
  • Input data for offline use: Mapsforge layer and previously stored on line data with mbtiles format. In the case of photomaps, you must process the files in advance using program Cut Map Tiles, Land Data’s mbtiles format generator [1]. The result is generation of tiles (256 X 256) pixels, facilitating fast zoom and pan of tablets and smart phones.
  • It is observing specs according to EKXA  S.A




The process of making Forestry maps involves field measurements, processing of aerial or satellite imagery and map validation through quality field checks. You can use My Forest for the map validation and more. First, it guides you to specify areas in the field with the help of the GPS receiver build into the tablet*. The GPS tracks, and the cursor, position locator, are superimposed on the country’s road map and therefore make the online and offline navigation easy.

You can do the map validation and field checks effectively and economically with transferring from the office all the vectors, points, text (with their colors) into the tablet. As a result you have the office data on to the field, where editing (addition and deletion) of selected features is taking place.

The new info comes back to the office where it is finalized, or it can be sent from the field,   through 3G (optional) connections, to eliminate any error and omission possibilities, before the operator returns to the base.


The tablet* is equipped with data collection software, by tapping the points of interest and bypassing the use of the cursor to expedite the field trips. This generates polygons/lines/points tagged onto features with comments. You can   display these features with colors of your choice, and you can edit or delete them.


The accuracy of measurements and collection of new data and controls depends on the accuracy of the raster file and the pixel size. Here the position of a point is given by the position of the pixel in the raster file, rather than the measurement of GPS. Thus, if the pixel size is 10 cm, then the accuracy of the new information introduced by the raster file is 10 cm. That is if you can identify the detail clearly. Therefore, your tablet is as good as the accuracy and the pixel size of your raster file.


The tablet is equipped with powerful validation, editing, data collection software, using normal editing techniques, or rough editing moves by taping the points of interest and bypassing the use of the cursor. This generates polygons, lines, points tagged onto features with comments, to expedite the field trips. The editing is assisted from quick pan and zoom capabilities, for both vector and ortho images. At the same time there is continuous on, off display of vectors and photomaps of different dates (i.e. ortho45, ortho2016). You achieve all this activity without stopping the process and keeping the other information active.

To this, add:

  • Online, offline navigation capabilities using road maps layers from the industry leaders OpenStreetMap, with .map input.
  • Additional software to process large volume of raster images with mbtiles format for fast zoom and pan [1].
  • The ability to process and store GPS tracks in service mode together with  oriented photos equipped with geo reference. These data you can upload and download to Facebook, Internet, Google Maps ** and Autocad, all installed into an industry standard ANDROID** based tablet
  • Web Map Service (WMS). These data can be processed, and stored for further offline use via mbtiles format[1].

You can use Μy Forest effectively for Forestry and a variety of other disciplines that require general purpose, quick, simple effective and low cost data collection, and validation.

In conclusion, its valuable tablet software for Forestry Applications, equipped with manuals for its installation, and use. It is supported by a team of professionals with long experience in system development and data manipulation.


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  •  [1] CUT MAP TILES, cutting photo map files into tiles, mbtiles format for fast zoom and pan.


  • My forest licensed app.
  • User’s Manual
  • Installation instructions


  • Industry standard tablet (ANDROID** version 4.1.2 and above), with at least 16 GB memory, and equipped with GPS, camera and (optional) 3G sensors.
  • [1] The image files are pre processed using program Cut Map Tiles, Land Data’s Mbtiles format generator.   https://www.landdata.gr/cut-map-tiles-product-brief/

Without a doubt, an absolute must for autopsies and verification of forest maps.


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