The objective of program FARMER’S DIARY is to:

  • Generate and update continuously the Agricultural Business Calendar, which is an obligation of the Producers receiving subsidies, with the Common Ministerial Decision ΚΥΑ 262385/21.4.10 (ΦΕΚ 509 τ.Β’) for the Cross compliance program.
  •  Comply with article 67, (re: record keeping) of directive 1107/2009 of (EU) – law 4036/2012 which states professional users of pesticide products may keep for at least three years a farmers diary regarding the pesticide substances used in every parcel.
  • It complies with GLOBALGAP and AGRO certification systems and other requirements of private certification protocols.


The computer program  FARMERS DIARY is addressed to:

Producers: To register all their cultivation activities in a suitable Agricultural Business Calendar, that includes information for each parcel, such as crop, variety, etc. As a result, it handles digitally the entire correspondence of the Integrated Management System, (Agreements, etc), in a suitable substitute for paper documents.

Agriculturalists:  To follow the farmer’s production results. To record the treatment methods and techniques they have offered to improve crop yield, such as, spraying, fertilizing, plant protection measures, pesticides, dosage, etc. To generate statistical pesticide reports on a producer, parcel, and drastic substance basis, offering valuable information to the pesticide consultant and the farmer.

Cooperatives or team of producers can use the product to collect and evaluate, information regarding crop variations, quantities, expected harvest time, and all care they provided, during the crop-growing season.



The program supports reliably the application of the Integrated Crop Management on the field by:

  • Generating a Farmer’s diary, (including photographs), from the data entry of all agricultural activities of a farm. Grouping of activities in categories and tables. (Parcels, Agricultural Activities, Sowing, Transplant, Fertilizing, Irrigation, Spraying, and Harvest). Applied Control to Mechanical Equipment, Energy Consumption, and manual PC data entry.
  • Data base generation of all cultivation activities. Supply inflows, (Supply purchases, TABLE A), (Feed Stock purchases, TABLE B), and supply outflows ( outgoing products, TABLE D) of a farm.
  •  Automatic generation, of all agricultural work for every parcel. (TABLE C).
  • Automatic recognition of all own products and feed in detail, for each parcel of the holding (TABLE A, B) of an agricultural farm.
  • Administrative Tasks for entering pre – selected answers, such as list of activities, crops, fertilizing, applied methods, pesticides, etc, etc, into drop down menus, for speeding up the data entry.
  • In the field entry of fertilizers and application of Plant Protection Products, using tablets. On Line access to the names of Pesticide’s Active Substances, Dosages, expiry date, supplier’s names, etc (Optional).
  • FARMER’S DIARY, enables Cooperatives, or teams of producers to collect and evaluate, financial, administrative and crop quantities information. Capital inflows-outflows. Expected and obtained Quantities at maturity time are established. All the provided care, during the crop-growing season is taken into account. (Optional, Management module).



FARMERS DIARY is a computer package that assists the user in the entry, editing, printing, and management of data related to activities of the producers   of Agricultural products. The program:

Sorts and lists automatically in detail, all the agricultural activities, for every parcel of the farm in (TABLE C).

Keeps track of the feed stock purchases (TABLE Β). It generates reports, and prints TABLES A, B, C, and D.

Is using valuable tools that increase productivity and offer friendly operation and ease of use such as:

  • Filters for all entered information, including products, supplies, personnel, and equipment which results in quick and easy information retrieval
  • Copy commands to duplicate common parcel information in subsequent years, eliminating thus the need for time consuming repetitive work
  • Delete and undelete commands to correct unforeseen errors
  • The parcel indicator to remind you the last parcel you worked on
  • The ability to navigate through work done in the past, for these confusing moments trying to sort out work done in the past
  • Online checks for safe, quick, and simple data entry to stay away of big errors

FARMER’s DIARY maintains all the collected information regarding the farm’s personnel in database, used every year, easy to update with new information. The information includes farmers, suppliers, customers, sprayers, and workers.

With the Digital Crop Management, the Producer or the Producers Union meet the certification, strengthen their competitive position, reduce cost, and maximize profits.

The program can also attach photographs to the Database, for parcels, used equipment, and work done.


Program FARMER’s DIARY, supports the use of trace ability, which increases the value of the product and protects the producer from financial difficulties and other burdens associated with problematic lot numbers in any stage. The result is the fast and effective withdrawal of the noncompliant products, locating all the parameters that caused the problem.


It is compatible with desktop and laptop computers with, WINDOWS 7, 8, 10 Operating systems.




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The table that follows shows the capabilities of the different program revisions  that are available:

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