Program CUT MAP TILES has the following capabilities:

  • It generates a map overlay of standard maps for mobile devices (ANDROID),* and desktop computers ( WINDOWS 7, 8 and 10.)
  • It generates 256 X 256 pixel tiles, mbtiles format, from raster image files. These files facilitate fast zoom and pan display for mobile devices or desktops.
  • It displays Input files with their thumbnails, boundaries and other info.
  • It combines a variety of input files with different projection systems to merge them into one large input file.
  • It offers default Bilinear interpolation for processing RGB images.
  • It displays a grid of the National system for easy error detection and quality control.
  • It is a smart and easy to use tool to select the area of interest (AOI).
  • It offers a default overlay, easy to manipulate.
  • It supports Tiff, ECW, Jpeg2000, Jpeg, ERDAS, and 121 more file types.
  • It offers a graphic interface, and command line




In certain disciplines, it is essential to crosscheck, update, monitor, and transfer office information into the field. This was done originally with lap top computers, but the trend is towards mobile devices (tablets, smart phones). Contrary to the popularity these devices are gaining, there are weaknesses when dealing with large amounts of raster data.

To deal with this issue efficiently the large image raster files are cut into square tiles, sized 256 X 256 pixels each. On the other hand the zoom levels are stacked from zero (being the whole earth in one tile) to about 20. This pyramid approach generates billions of tiles at various zoom levels ready to display. This, results in dramatically improved speed in zoom and pan in computers and mobile devices.


Land Data has developed such an application for PCs. SPECS AT A GLANCE lists the application’s characteristics.

The input files must be of the same resolution and size; these are available, in National Mapping Establishments, in every country throughout the world and must have no overlaps or gaps. In addition, in international projects map sheets of neighboring countries have different projection systems but need seamless display. CUT MAP TILES will place them into their correct position and form a single input file

Program CUT MAP TILES simplifies the merging of the various input files into one, while maintaining thorough quality control.


Input Map file information, such as resolution, projection system, metadata, Number of bands, Ground Control points, Layers, are available to be seen, in various locations of the overlay, while the Select Area of Interest, Pan, and Zoom commands are available on various mouse menus.

The RGB input file is processed into mbtiles format with bilinear re-sampling, as default option. You can store the result in a user specified area. Other processing options include Cubic Convolution, Nearest Neighbor, and more.


Packaging and handling of these tiles is another issue considered. They are available in directories based on their zoom level or in one DB file for handling efficiency. There are two formats available:  mbtiles or open directories with files (ZOOM/X/Y), and you can use them with any computer/operating system or mobile device.

Finally, for a comfortable view during processing the overlay can have default values in the beginning, but obtain user defined form during the manipulation/quality control of the input files.

Currently, Image Map Tiles is available for WINDOWS 7, 8 and 10


WINDOWS 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.

Following are given the differences between CUT MAP TILES and CUT MAP TILES FREE.

Without a doubt, an absolute must for serious users of raster files.

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