When program CUT GPX is running in a PC:

  • It cleans, sorts, and classifies LUCAS campaign’s GPX tracks for every LUCAS point, in order to facilitate easy navigation and route planning.
  • It generates DXF files with these tracks for viewing and editing with a CAD system.
  • You can also, display the resulting files with ANDROID based tablets for each LUCAS point.


One of the deliverables of the LUCAS 2012 campaign was the GPS tracks the Surveyors collected visiting the LUCAS points. Not great emphasis was given on how to collect them. As a result, the tracks looked like spaghetti digitizing and could not be used for navigation in the form they were in. In the next campaign, (LUCAS (2015), LAND DATA developed the application CUT GPX which offered the capability to normalize the tracks for these points. Today, LAND DATA offers the program to create DXF files of the GPX tracks and together with other information available (dates, time, altitude and speed), to display them with a CAD system. You can use this to plan routes for LUCAS 2018. Moreover, you can display the GPX files with ANDROID tablets out on the field, and use the information for navigation too.



it accepts as input the files with every day’s GPS tracks, and the LUCAS points with their Lat, Long coordinates. The file with the LUCAS points and their Lat, Long coordinates could contain more information such as User ID, distance from the LUCAS point the Surveyor reached, etc. This information can be downloaded from the DMT* database.


The output is a DXF file containing all the tracks, and a table in -.csv format. You can use this table in your Route Planning. Furthermore, you can download the GPX files to any GPS and use it for navigating to these points.

The output can also be used by any ANDROID** based tablet running the App ‘My LUCAS Field Data Collector'[1]. This enables the Surveyor to prepare the Route Planning by displaying groups of LUCAS points visited in specific time windows along with certain information, and use the tracks to visit the points.



[1] My LUCAS Field Data Collector. Data collection app used for the LUCAS 2018 campaign. It runs ANDROID** tablets.

 [2] CUT MAP TILES. Cutting ortho-photo map files into tiles, mbtiles format for fast zoom and pan.



WINDOWS 7, 8, and 10 Operating Systems.

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